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Ornamental Trees

Perhaps you have a beautiful home with a neatly trimmed lawn. You may have embellished your home with various flowers planted here and there. So what other sorts of plants can accentuate the natural elegance of your property? Wagon Hammock has a fine selection of various ornamental and landscaping trees that will enhance the aesthetics of your yard. Here are just a few examples:

1. Eastern Redbud- The Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis) is the official state tree of Oklahoma. A ten year old tree is usually around 16 feet tall or thereabouts. Its flowers are resplendent. They are pink in color, varying from a light to dark magenta. The flowers bloom in spring to early summer. Eastern Redbuds are commonly found in parks, gardens, and other areas.

2. Arborvitae- Thuja (aka Cedars or arborvitae) trees are evergreen trees. There are five distinct species of the Thuja tree. One hybrid form is known as the “green giant.” These deep, lush green trees are excellent for privacy, landscaping, and ornamentation.

3. Maidenhair Trees- Ginkgo trees are spectacular. There are multiple benefits for those who have ginkgo trees adorning their land. Aside from the radiance of these trees (particularly in the Autumn), they are virtually exotic. The leaves are delicate and ornate, so kids often like to use the leaves in projects for school. The leaves are green for the bulk of the year, and in the months following summertime, they transform into a striking, conspicuous golden yellow.

4. Magnolia- the brightest season for flowers is the Spring. So many trees and shrubs shine with exceeding brilliance during this season (and the fall is also a remarkable time, as well). Magnolia trees have that modest window in the springtime when they shine the most, which makes them very special. Magnolias are at the apex of their allure for that brief period during Spring, like a male bird whose feathers are blazingly vibrant.

5. Dogwood- Of course, we cannot forget about the glorious dogwood tree. Some of the trees which we carry at Wagon Hammock are versatile species. The dogwood is one type of tree that produces lovely blooms, berries, and branches. In multiple seasons, it lights up one’s homestead with organic brilliance. In the spring, the flowers are breathtaking. With the advent of fall, the dogwood provides colorful greenery. Additionally, winter birds are drawn to the tasty berries of the dogwood.